HomeSerialeVajza ime e Vogel - Episodi 6 - 02.10.2023

Vajza ime e Vogel – Episodi 6 – 02.10.2023


Elif finds out that Fırat cheated on her with Sude and is devastated. Fırat is very sorry, but Elif’s world has turned upside down and she doesn’t know who to trust anymore. Elif wants to take Güneş and leave the house, but Ayten says that she is leaving Güneş alone by acting this way. Fırat asks Sude to leave the city. Even if Elif doesn’t want him, he won’t give up on Elif. Meanwhile, Sinan learns from Dila that her so-called husband beat her and raids the mansion. While Fırat and Sinan come face to face, Sinan tells Fırat to stay away from Elif and things get complicated. While trying to understand what is going on between Fırat, Sinan and Elif, he learns that Sude is pregnant. Fırat will either take care of this baby or Sude will have the baby aborted. Fırat is at a crossroads. When Elif returns to the mansion, she brings a surprise for Fırat.



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