HomeSerialeVajza ime e Vogel - Episodi 10 - 06.10.2023

Vajza ime e Vogel – Episodi 10 – 06.10.2023


A Little Sunshine Episode 7

Will Elif forgive Fırat?


Ümran falls for Dila’s trick. He tries to find out why Fırat is so interested in Güneş. He starts investigating Elif. Fırat makes it clear that he will not stand behind Dila anymore. Dila’s anger is directed towards Fırat. They team up with Yılmaz and try to corner Fırat. Elif, on the other hand, resigns from her job and refuses to live in the house Fırat bought. Elif and Güneş are left both penniless and homeless. More difficult days await them now. While Fırat is trying to make Elif forgive himself, Elif just wants him to be honest and not go behind her back again. For Fırat, this will not be as easy as he thinks. Because Dila has already taken action and cornered Fırat.



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