HomeSerialeVajza ime e Vogel - Episodi 11 - 09 .10.2023

Vajza ime e Vogel – Episodi 11 – 09 .10.2023

 Fırat, who learns that Güneş is Dila’s daughter, confronts Dila. Fırat is determined to tell everything to Ümran and solve this problem once and for all. The inevitable end is now very close for Dila. Elif’s fear of losing Güneş reactivates her desire to find her mother. He gets a clue. While Elif is about to reach Güneş’s mother, Fırat has already learned this fact and is about to make a choice. However, when Güneş disappears, Elif and Fırat become confused. Thus, life reminds Elif and Fırat how important it is to make the right choice.



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